Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

WATCH OUT! There is a zombie apocalypse.Where Should You Go?

The Rocky Mountains

The rocky mountain is a rocky place with pointy mountains.It Stretches form Alaska to New Mexico.It is also younger and taller than the Appalachian Mountains.

I Will Rate The Rocky Mountains

My rating is 3/10 for Surviving in the Rocky Mountains because it is dangers to survive there for some of reasons.

Why Should I Not Go To The Rocky Mountains For The Zombie Apocalypse?

Its better if you go some then the rocky mountains to survive because you would have to clime a lot.Also its rocky and you might trip and fall on a rock and get eaten be the zombies.But the good thing of the rocky mountains is if the zombie fall on the a spike on the mountains they would die.Plus it will be cold and you will freeze if you don't have the right clothing.

Appalachian Highland

The Appalachian Highland extends from eastern Canada to eastern Alabama and includes the Piedmont.Its the oldest mountains in North America.The plateau area is location at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains.Also the Appalachian Highland is the same as the Appalachian mountain.

The Changes Of Surviving Will Mostly Be

5/10 Because You could survive in the Appalachian Highland if you do it right because IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFUL YOU WILL DIE!!!

Why Would I Mostly Survive In The Appalachian Highland?

You might survive in the Appalachian.If a crowd of zombies come your way you can hide in the trees or behind/in the bushes.Also you would have to clime a lot in it is a mountain.You can also go you the top of the mountains.So you know where not to go and avoid where the most zombies are.

Coastal Range

The coastal range is located along the pacific cost.It stretches up the Canada and mexico.It is made up of ragged mountains,fertile mountains,etc.

The Changes Of Surviving Will Be?

I will rate the changes of surviving in the coastal range is 4/10 because It is kind of dangers to survive in the coastal range.

Is The Coastal Range A Good Place To Go?

It is kind of a good place to go if you know how to swim.If you don't it will probably be a hard time to escaping the zombies.But is also good because you could fish food so you and not relay on the food in the store.There is also boats so you can travel around.There is barley any mountains you would have to clime a lot.