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What is Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying?

This edition of the BCIT-Medford newsletter will focus on explaining Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) within a school setting. The state of New Jersey has very specific guidelines and regulations that schools must follow regarding the HIB investigative process.

Our goal with this information is to provide parents information on what constitutes a HIB violation and the process that we must follow when investigating a potential HIB incident.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the HIB information or the HIB process please feel free to contact your son or daughter's grade level administrator. All administrative contact information is located at the end of the newsletter.

Thank you,

Mike Parker


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State of New Jersey Definition of HIB

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Before reporting please make sure the incident meets all of the following:
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If the incident fits under one of these characteristic please contact your child's counselor :
  • Amanda Avila ext: 8422
  • Aja Jones ext: 8419
  • Leah Ross ext: 8498

Please provide the counselor with the following information:

  • Your child’s name and grade
  • Where the incident took place
  • The name and grade of the aggressor
  • Names of any witnesses
  • Is this first incident or repeating
  • Has this incident been reported to staff prior to making this report
  • Provide detail information about the incident and what took place

Please provide any physical evidence, eg: picture, text, voicemail, etc……..

HIB Investigation Process


HIB Investigation Procedures - "Step by Step"

Step 1 – HIB Incident Report
  • Any school employee (SE) or contracted service provider (CSP) who witnesses or receives reliable information regarding an act of HIB, must report it verbally and on the same day to the principal
  • Therefore, if a student or parent reports an incident to a staff member, the staff member must report it to the principal
  • The verbal report and time period requirements only apply to SEs and CSPs
  • If HIB is alleged, the principal in consultation with Anti Bullying Specialist (ABS) can make an initial determination as to whether the reported incident is an act of HIB.
  • If an allegation describes facts, but does not specifically use HIB language, the principal should apply the HIB definition to determine course of action (e.g., HIB or other code of student conduct violation?)

Step 2 – HIB Investigation

 Principal - Initiates each investigation through the ABS

  • Coordinates with ABS, but does not lead
  • As appropriate, appoints additional staff to assist with investigation
  • Informs parents of alleged offenders and alleged victims that there is an alleged incident, and may discuss, as appropriate counseling and other intervention services

 ABS - Leads and conducts each investigation. Completes within 10 school days of written incident report.

Step 3 – HIB Investigation Report

  • Report completed and submitted to Superintendent within 2 days of investigation completion
  • May amend the original report if information is not received within the 10-day period

Step 4 – Superintendent Decision

  • May decide to provide intervention services, establish training programs, impose discipline, order counseling or take or recommend other action

Step 5 – Superintendent Report to Board of Education (BOE)

  • Reports the results of each investigation along with information on services provided, training established, discipline imposed or other action taken or recommended by theSuperintendent
  • Reports made no later than the BOE meeting following the completion of each investigation

Step 6 – BOE Hearing

  • At any time, a parent may request a hearing before the BOE. If requested, the deadline to seek a hearing can be no later than 60 calendar days after receiving written notice of the outcome of the investigation.

Step 7 – BOE Decision

  • In every case, BOE votes to affirm, reject or modify the Superintendent ’s decision
  • Must occur at the BOE meeting following the Superintendent ’s report
  • Must happen whether or not there was a BOE hearing with the parent