Linda and Nat's Baby BBQ

(and Grant's and Al's birthdays and house warming)

Linda and Nat's Baby BBQ

Saturday, Aug. 23rd, 2pm

30 Pulver St

Hamilton South, NSW

Given the due dates of Natalie and my babies are only a month apart, we thought we'd combine forces for a casual Saturday BBQ to see all of our family and friends before our big days!

It is also Grant's and Al's birthdays, plus Grant and I haven't had you all around for a housewarming so we're combining reasons to do it all at once :-).


Natalie and I have everything we need for our babies so while we appreciate anything you decide to give us, we prefer you to donate to one of the following charities that hold special meaning to us:


Your partners and kids (please let me know who is coming so we can cater). This isn't a typical baby shower so men needn't fear baby games - we just want everyone to have a great afternoon. We'll provide BBQ, some other food and cake so if you're inclined to bring drinks and any other food, you're welcome to do so :-).


By Friday, 15th August using this form. Otherwise you can contact me directly:

Ph: 0412 331 663


We look forward to seeing you there!


Linda and Natalie

RSVPs are enabled for this event.