River Thames

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River Thames Information

Location-River Thames is located in Thames Head, Gloucestershire, UK.

Elevation-Its elevation is 110 m (361 ft)

Length-It is 346 km long (215 mi)

Human Characteristics

Human Characteristics

Language- English

Religion- Christian

Political System- Parliamentary b

Population- 8.308 million

Physical characteristics.

Physical Characteristics

Marine Life- More than 100 marine animals have been sighted in the Thames, including dolphins, porpoises, and seals.

Water Type- Above the lock the water is fresh water, but below the lock it is salty water. the two waters mix. As fresh water is less dense than sea water, the fresh water forms a wedge and moves out to sea flowing over the denser sea water. The tidal salt water flows in a reverse direction below the fresh water.

Natural Resources

Groundwater from aquifers

River Thames provides 2/3 of Londons drinking water.



Timber for buildings

Flint nodules which were vital for making sharp tools like the one in the picture


Other local produce

Many types of fish and birds

And larger animals such as cattle and deer came down the banks.


River Thames has affected many people because of the fact that it cuts through so many cities and supplies so much of England's drinking water. The Thames passes through a total of 7 counties and many more cities than that. Many people live in the areas surrounding the thames. One of the largest cities surrounding the Thames is London England.