Elizabethan Sports & Entertainment

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Elizabethan Sports

Tennis was a very popular sport during this time. But instead of a Tennis Ball they used a leather ball stuffed with hair. They also played Shuttlecock now known as Badminton. Last but not least bowls.
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Elizabethan Games

Some popular categories of games during the Elizabethan period were card games, board games, dice games, children games and strategy games. One of the popular card games are One in 30 witch is modern days blackjack. A popular board game was backgammon and chess. A popular strategy game was fox and geese.
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Elizabethan Literature

Shakespeare is famous for his many plays and dramas.

There are many different authors of this era.

Poetry, drama, and prose became popular.

Prose fiction became modern.

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Elizabethan Theater

William Shakespeare


Queen Elizabeth's love of theater

Theaters all over

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