New Stylist in Greenbrier

Roxanne Foster

Well hello soon to be clients

I'm Roxanne.

I'm a new hair stylist in town & I'm in need of building a good clientele.

I have been doing hair for a few years now. I attended two different beauty colleges, Charles Academy of beauty culture in Alabama and another well known around here Arthur's Beauty College. A little about me is I was born in Louisiana raised in Alabama. My dad raised me and Lord knows it was far from easy. Growing up I was back and forth between the two states. I always liked to visit my momma in La. Never would of thought I'd end up in AR. but here I am in the huge town of Greenbrier. All because of love. I'm in love with an oilfield worker and proud of it. I hate he works a lot but I keep my time occupied by doing something I love. I enjoy doing hair, makeup and anything dealing with beauty. My dream is to open my own beauty salon one day but for now I'm working at Greenbrier Family Hair Care. It's a full service salon that offers unbeatable prices. I could honest ask for more then what I do for the professional work I do but I'd rather make my clients as happy and satisfied as can be. I focus on my clients and there needs. I worked at a men's shop focusing on guys cuts before now for a year and 1/2 so I specialize and do great work with those. I didn't want to do that all my life and wanted to put variety in all that I do. I have always enjoyed doing ladies perms highlights cuts and colors. Eyelash tabbing, spray tans and fingernails are fun to. I am good at judging and know what looks good. Make-overs and make-unders never seem to challenge me. I'm up for any challenge if they do come across me. My daddy always taught me to stay strong and put my all and heart in everything that I do. Please come and meet me and take advantage of these great prices I have to offer. I look forward to meeting all of you and making this new place Greenbrier my new home. Thanks for taking the time out showing interest in what I do and reading about me. I hope you come check me out. Leave it to me to take care of all your grooming or beauty needs.

Greenbrier Family Hair Care

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