How to Skateboard

follow these steps to be a awesome skateboarder!

materials needed

To skateboard all you need is a skateboard, helmet, knee and elbow pads
By Brayden Ballard

Step #1

Put on safty gear.

Step #2

Next you learn to balance so you don't fall.

Step #3

Next you learn to push your rear foot back to go forward.

Step #4

4. Next you learn to push on the back and twist to turn the skateboard.

Step #5

5. Next you learn to turn while your moving.

Step #7

Then you learn to do a lot of tricks.

Step #6

6.Next you learn to turn the other way.

Step #8

8.Finally you can skateboard all over and wherever you go.

Interesting facts

California is the birthplace of skateboards because if the waves where to weak they made surfboards with weals.