Catherine Called Birdy

Catherine is a weird but a bad girl read this book now...


The setting takes place in the middle age's in England and in the 1290.Also in the medieval time there is poor and rich people in their age's. she lives in a village in stone bridge. And that she has three brothers in this story...


There is Catherine,perkin, Edward,Robert,Her Dad,Her Mother,Old Jewish Women.

Edward told Catherine to keep a journal and write your emotions in that book.

Robert: is the kind of brother that is really annoying

And Thomas: is the brother that serves the king and also is not that annoying...

Objective summary and timeline.

In October she just hated working like a lady-like women. And she followed the Jew's somewhere in a place were she saw an old Jewish women.

Characteristics of Catherine

Oct.1st she was really mad because she didn't want to be a lady-like women.

Oct.6th she felt really helpful for her mother's ruby ring...

Oct.10th Catherine got so excited because they were going to celebrate Edward's birthday.

Nov.1st pg.43 She remembered that her brother was pissing on an ant hill.

Nov.2nd She was happy for making a cake that big.


She will die after marring perkin's like the day after they get married. And she will have a fight with her father about marring a goat boy. And she will see that the goat boy will die from sickness and that the king will die at the end of the story...