Virtual School: Good Or Bad?

Technology Has Taken Over Education But Should We Let it?

Go For Virtual?

It is very well known that now Technology has reached from the car, to the hand in the shape of a phone, and now to the classroom. In fact, just a few days ago I was asked by my teacher to pull out my smartphone in class and download an app called google classroom. However, Do we draw the line when that technology starts teaching students? Virtual School provides plenty of benefits: Children are able to take classes that are not offered at their actual school, Kids who cannot truly leave their homes can still learn and collaborate with other children, and Kids do not have to wait to start learning. Speaking on my personal experience, I found virtual school very helpful for me because I was not able to take a few classes at my physical school so I had to use virtual school. I can honestly say that virtual felt a lot easier to do than my physical school with having only to do a couple assignments a week; I was also able to collaborate with other students on projects and assignments which was so much fun. In fact from the article "In Utah, Preschool Without the School" it states that "The Obama administration last year awarded an $11.5 million grant to expand the online program into rural communities to study how well it prepares children for kindergarten." Which makes me believe that if our president can believe in this new technology to teach the future why can't we?

Virtual No Way!

On the other side, Virtual schooling is riddled with problems like technical issues, reliance on WI-FI and electronics, and the urge to procrastinate or cheat. All of these issues affected me and almost cost me a passing grade. Don't just take my word for it "Glitches Plague Standardized Testing's Shift to Computers" by Emma Brown states that " The shift to computer-based testing has been riddled with technical glitches that have spanned many testing companies and states, including those that have adopted Common Core..." So If things like glitches can mess up thousands of computers how can you believe that it can not mess up one or two?

My side

My side however is for virtual because while physical school do provide many benefits as well, like many say "out with the old and in with the new!" Technology is expanding and if education does not expand with it as a tool kids will be lost when faced with a technologically advanced world with them believing every thing is in black and white. If you want the best for your kids virtual is the way to go!



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