The Season Of Winter

Winter was a very tough time of the year. The Ojibwe needed to prepared for the harsh cold season. First the Ojibwe would move to secluded camps away from civilization because, The camps needed to hunt and they could not hunt in large packs or they would not get enough food for themselves.

In the winter the men and boys would hunt and trapped small animals to keep there families full. But the best hunters were off hunting big game and game for most of the time such as deer, elk, and moose. With the left over meat the women would dry strips off meat over a fire so they would not waste.

These are a couple traps the Ojibwe used to hunt in the winter.

The Ojibwe was not all about working all the time, the children would make snowshoes and have fun in the snow. Sometimes they made sleds out of bison ribs and went down large hills with them.

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