Our OWN Sponsoring coaching call!

with top Sponsor Sarah Loftus

Want to Sponsor more than ever before?

Star stylist and top Sponsor, Sarah Loftus has offered to do a private sponsoring coaching call with our teams! She did a fantastic Tips from the Top call already on this and many of you have listened to this and put her ideas into practice.... with great results. Sarah is giving us 30 minutes JUST FOR US to help walk us through some of her best tips!

We're taking it a step further... if you want to join us, here's what to do!

#1. Re-listen to Sarah's Tips from the Tops call

#2. Email me either your sponsoring goal, sponsoring conundrum or challenge, or just an additional sponsoring question for Sarah.

#3. Listen in with us on Wednesday

#4. Look for a follow up sponsoring challenge on Wednesday!

This is an exclusive training opportunity that we'll hope you take advantage of!

Exclusive Sponsoring Coaching Call JUST for our teams

Wednesday, May 1st 2013 at 2:30-3pm

Conference Call

The Call In info:
# 605-562-3000 access code is 743579#
The Call will be recorded: Playback is 605-562-3099.

*** It's is at 2:30 ET (1:30 Central, 11:30 PT) ***

Where do I find Sarah's Tips from the Top Call

In SDU... with all the other great training.
You can type in "Sponsoring Tips Loftus" and her call will come up.

Or you can try this link: http://com.stelladot.stylists.s3.amazonaws.com/audio/trainingcalls/February%202013/0226_TipsfromtheTop.mp3