Sizzling Sisters: April Newsletter

Way to go ladies...we had a great March!

Let's Celebrate!

Who partied?

Nikki Sizler, Jennifer Loomis, Danielle Novario, Alexis Conto, Jessica Chapmon, Kelly Flagner

Personal Volume:

$4,085.00 - Nikki Sizler (my best month ever :)

$741.50 - Jennifer Loomis

$448 - Jessica Chapmon

$336 - Alexis Conto

$204 - Kelly Flagner

People who have earned stars towards Conference!

Names in BOLD are ladies who have already registered for conference!

Jennifer Loomis - 2 stars

Jennifer Puffer - 1 star

Danielle Novario - 4 stars

Jessica Chapmon - 4 stars

Sheri Glaze - 3 stars

Alexis Conto - 3 stars

Maranda Tabler - 2 stars

Nikki Sizler - 8 stars

Lindsay Laufik - working on those stars, but smart enough to have already registered ;)

Ready Set Sell is more awesome than EVER!

Ladies, you do NOT want to miss out on earning all these great new products for FREE, along with catalogs and business supplies. Party from NOW - April 15th to earn. No parties lined up, no worries - host a Facebook live party, or get some past customers/friends to do a few catalog parties - you've got this!!!!