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Who is Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a candidate for President of the United States , vying for the Democratic Party nomination. His campaign is about people progressing he is planing to crate jobs, raise wages, protect the environment, provide health care, increase access to higher education, reform the immigration and criminal justice system, reaffirm our civil rights, promote a more sensible foreign policy, and reduce the influence of money in politics.

Previous Jobs in Politics

US Senator for Vermont, elected in 2006. He is the longest serving independent member of the House of Representatives in US history.

National Security

Bernie says "The threat of cyber attacks, both domestic and aboard, pose a serious risk to the United States. Cyber attacks have already cost the U.S. government significantly, and American businesses suffer billions more in losses every year." Cyber attacks can be the biggest threat to the U.S. National Security. Bernie Sanders believes in balancing the need for cyber security with protect the rights and data of American citizens. A recent cyber attack affected over 22 million Americans. Since 2006 the Unites States have seen a steady increase in the number of the cyber attacks incidents against the U.S. government agencies and corporations.

Health Care

Bernie says "Healthcare is a right, and not a privilege." We spend more than any other country on health care, but 29 million Americans remain uninsured and millions more are under-insured. He supports future legislation to curb drug (weed) costs and tackle fraud in the industry. In short, single payer health care will save taxpayers about $500 billion per year even including the initial costs to train more doctors and nurses.
Canada and the wealthiest countries pay about 60% as much on health as we do, for care.


Bernie Sanders believes that all students deserve the opportunity to receive an affordable, quality education from the earliest stages of schooling to high-level degrees. Bernie has sponsored bills to make public colleges and universities that are tuition-free, he thinks that all colleges should be tuition free, and reapply for financial aid every year. Bernie says children brought into America undocumented at a young age need to be given a fair and attainable opportunity to remain in the U.S, and get an education. He also believes that no student who is willing and able to go to college should be denied based on the income of their parents.

Women Right's

Bernie Sanders has long fought to protect women from domestic violence and sexual abuse, and promotes equal pay in the workforce. Bernie says "Women’s bodies are theirs, and they deserve access to high-quality reproductive and sexual healthcare. This includes access to contraceptives, and the right to choose a safe abortion." He thinks sexual and domestic violence must be addressed. By strengthening the laws on stalking, allowing battered illegal immigrants temporary visas.
Bernie also says that women have fundamental rights to control their bodies when it comes to sexual and reproductive health. There have been a wave of legislation in recent years that prevent women to have safe abortions and he thinks that they have the rights to choose. He supports increased funding for family planning and contraceptives.


Bernie Sanders says " we are a nation of immigrants. That is, in fact, the strength of America.” He believes the United States must create an immigration system that invites greater innovation. diversity, and economic opportunity for both American-born citizens and the people who want to make this land their home. He supports immigration reform that will address the legal status of the 11 million undocumented people in our country.
He will protect American jobs by way of visa reform, secure the border, and protect undocumented workers from labor exploitation. Bernie says "We ought to provide a path to citizenship for people from many different countries. Supports the path toward permanent residency for young, undocumented immigrants." Sanders thinks we should reject the exploitation of the workers and the use of visas for cheap, foreign labor, and increase opportunities for qualified individuals to take step towards permanent residency. Bernie Sanders has an idea of securing the borders, but he wants to secure them without building a fence.
He believes that the United States should reform its immigration policy to create a path to legal status, and, in some cases, citizenship. Bernie supported the DREAM Act, and comprehensive immigration reform efforts in 2013 that would have created a path to legal status. Additionally, Bernie supports waiving deportations for some groups of immigrants, such as those brought into America by their parents when they were children.

Economy/ Taxes

The main goal of Bernie Sanders decades-long career in politics has been to address the root causes of economic inequality because, as he has stated, “The middle class of this country, over the last forty years, has been disappearing.” Bernie advocates policies that get at the root causes of these inequities. He calls for expanding the social safety net, creating more well-paying jobs, and reforming systems that perpetuate inequality such as our broken criminal justice system. The other side of the coin is that the super-rich and multinational corporations have not been paying their fair share in taxes. Bernie proposes removing tax loopholes and tax breaks that only benefit the rich and multinational corporations, as well as raising the rates for the wealthiest Americans.

Bernie says " The rich get richer and the poor get poorer because of the government policies that benefit the very few at the expense of the vast majority of the Americans." The super-rich people are currently are not paying their fair share of taxes, which means there's not enough funding for programs that will rise systemic inequalities. He wants to increase the minimum wage so every working American can live rather than to fight to survive, and create more well-paying jobs by putting people to work on our country's crumbling infrastructure.

Climate Change

Sanders believes that climate change is real, catastrophic, and largely caused by human activities. Bernie has held steadfast to the opinion that climate change rates are a global crisis and must be immediately and vigorously combated. He thinks our children and their children deserve relentless fighters of policy that ignores or denies climate change. Bernie regularly demonstrates his ability to understand the science and strongly argue with climate skeptics, and is clearly not just providing talking points for headlines. Bernie has spent hundreds of hours vigorously debating and combating climate skeptic politicians. Bernie has repeatedly called climate skeptics out on their rejection of science.

Bernie forced fellow senators to state for the congressional record if they believe “that climate change is real, human-caused, and already creating devastating problems; that there’s a brief window to act before ‘irreparable harm’ results; and that the United States should shift to cleaner energy sources.” Bernie is one of only three presidential candidates in the 2016 race (the others being Martin O’Malley and Jill Stein) who took up The Nation’s request to refuse support of greenhouse-gas emitters.

Gun Violence

Bernie says “Folks who do not like guns [are] fine. But we have millions of people who are gun owners in this country — 99.9 percent of those people obey the law. I want to see real, serious debate and action on guns, but it is not going to take place if we simply have extreme positions on both sides. I think I can bring us to the middle.” He thinks gun control legislation should ultimately fall on individual states, with the exception of instant background checks to prevent firearms from finding their way into the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, and a federal ban on assault weapons. Bernie believes that gun control is largely a state issue because attitudes and actions with regards to firearms differ greatly between rural and urban communities.

Intersting facts

  • Bernie Sanders is the first non-Christian to win a U.S. primary
  • Bernie Sanders served eight consecutive terms in the U.S. House of representatives from 1991 to 2007.
  • Bernie Sanders served as the Vermont’s Mayor for four consecutive terms from 1981 to 1989.