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Junior English, Senior CCR, and All Things Middle College

Middle College Update 10/12/2015

Hello, Students and Families!

We're halfway through the fall semester - can you believe it?! Chris has sent out progress reports to the college professors and is now following up to get their feedback; as he receives that feedback, he will send it to me and to both students and parents.

Three counseling conferences last month gave me lots of great information to help students make post-secondary plans, though it took a huge chunk of my time; almost caught-up on grading essays...

See links below to lots of college information we've put together. Jen P and I are discussing hosting a college info night for parents...stay tuned for an invite.

Spring Scheduling

We are hoping to schedule all our kids for their spring classes on Friday, November 6th. Between now and then I will be working with students to make sure they are choosing spring classes wisely.

Students have a planning sheet/grad check in their Counseling folder they share with me. I have encouraged all students to come in to speak with me in the office to get extra help with planning if they need it. I especially encourage the juniors to come in for help; I know planning college classes is still new!

When the schedule looks final, students should share with their parents the planned courses. I will be looking carefully to see that all classes are progressing students toward graduation and college goals.

Link to online Schedule of Classes for Spring (be sure to select Spring 2016)

Class Updates

English 3: juniors are in the midst of the Transcendentalist movement, reading Thoreau now after studying Emerson earlier. As Thoreau writes in Walden, "Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations."

English 4: seniors are using multiple critical perspectives to interpret Life of Pi, after finishing the book last week and studying archetypal, psychoanalytical, and formalist critical theories.

US History: juniors have been studying the causes of the Civil War -- the essential question for the unit is "Was the North's victory inevitable?" Students have been reading lots of primary source documents.

Economics: seniors just wrapped up the unit on supply and demand, and are now moving on to market structures and business organizations.

Junior CCR: students signed up for the Khan Academy SAT prep and have taken the diagnostic quizzes as they prepared for the PSAT this week; additionally, they've been working their way through They Say, I Say, a handbook for writing argument essays, and have been learning about different study techniques and presentation skills.

Senior CCR: students have been writing and re-writing their personal statements, as well as completing the UC and CSU applications; many are also working on the Common Application and UC TAP (transfer preparedness site).

Lots and Lots of College Info!

Jen P has sent out notes from the various college admissions conferences we attended last month; you've already received these, but in case you want to go back to them again, here are the links:

PSAT (for juniors)
CSU news

UC news

NACAC update part 1

NACAC update part 2

And here's the link to resources Jen B has shared in senior CCR.

Hope this information is helpful as you think about post-high school options. Let me know if you have any questions -- if I don't have an answer, I'm happy to find out :-)

College Admissions Tests

Seniors: I am recommending that all of you take the ACT and/or the SAT at least once this fall – if you do not take one of these tests, you will not be able to apply as a freshman. Keep all opportunities open at this time and take the test.

Talk to your College and Career counselor at your home high school about fee waivers, as they cover not only the test, but also UC and CSU applications.

Sign up soon – Carlmont (the closest testing location) is already full for the Oct test date.

Difference between ACT and SAT

SAT information:

Test date-- Registration deadline

Dec 5-- Nov 5

Juniors: I am recommending you take the PSAT in October and the SAT on June 4 (reg deadline May 5) PSAT practice test

ACT information:

Test date-- Registration deadline

Dec 12-- Nov 6

Juniors: I am recommending you take the ACT on June 11 (reg deadline May 6)

College application resource links

College application process

How much will college in CA cost?