Benjamin Franklin

By Eldin and Stephanie

Basic Information

When was Benjamin born?

He was born in January 17,1706 in Boston, Massachusetts; died April 17, 1790 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Family Life

His parents names were: Abian Franklin and Josian Franklin. Their family was a big one. Benjamin was the fifteenth child and youngest son out of seventeen children. His father Josian was a poor candle maker. He decided to take Benjamin out of school at the age of ten in order to work with him. Ironically, Benjamin became a wealthy man.

Life Background

He attended Boston Latin School from 1714-1716, but did not complete his studies due to him being self-educated. He taught himself to read French, Spanish, Latin, and Italian. He was excellent in reading. This made him further his education in the printing trade of Philadelphia. Franklin stopped working in printing and moved to England at age seventeen. A hard working man suits him perfectly. He had a variety of jobs: printer, writer, instructor, scientist, spy, publisher, inventor, and clerk. At age 22 he had become the owner of the Pennsylvania Gazette Newspaper.

Role in Revolution

Benjamin Franklin was very important in the Revolution. He was in the Patriots side. He was an influential politician, he was very helpful, he helped draft the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin also helped to secure the French support for the American cause, organized the Committee of Correspondence, and also the Continental Congress. Benjamin was leading to the Treaty of Paris ending the American Revolution.

Additional Information

  1. Almost died twice.
  2. Was a volunteer fireman.
  3. 20,000 people attended his funeral.
  4. Pennsylvania sent him to the Constitutional Convention.

After Revolution

After the Revolution he became the ambassador to France. He also served as a delegate to the Philadelphia Convention.

Benjamin is best remembered for his involvement in American Revolution and for the many ways he contributed to his country and the city of Philadelphia. Also for stopping the Stamp Act. With his hard work and others, the Patriots won.