Bridgewater Friday Update

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August 21, 2020

Teacher Placement

Teacher placement emails were sent out today except for 4th & 5th grade. I still have some balancing to do with these two grades. Fourth-grade is really close, and I just have to wait for a decision on Monday before I can complete this. Fifth-grade is not too far off either. Thank you for your patience!

First Day of School

Monday, September 14th is the first day of school for students. Please mark this on your calendar. We are excited to have the students return!!

Road Construction

We have a large road construction project taking place on Jefferson Parkway and Highway 246 (Division Street). They are constructing a roundabout at that intersection to help with the traffic flow. This project is scheduled to be completed by October, so this will affect traffic at Bridgewater, Northfield Middle School and Northfield High School. You can get to Bridgewater taking Jefferson Parkway from Highway 3.

Outdoor Spaces

We are fortunate to have plenty of acres of green space around Bridgewater, and look to use these spaces for mask breaks and instruction during this fall. Your child's teacher may be asking you to provide a towel to sit on while outside. The idea of reading outside under a tree sounds rather inviting this afternoon, and I know the students will enjoy being outside a bit more than usual.

Medical Information

Please make sure to share medical needs for your child with either Nurse Melody Leidall or Nurse Lucy Archibald. Any and all medications need to go through them as well. Please do not send medications on the bus with students. Thank you!

Family Conferences

Family Conferences will take place during the week of September 8th. We will send out a SignUp Genius to sign up for these. You will have the opportunity to meet with your child's teacher, complete paperwork electronically, and discuss the coming school year. You know your child best, and we want to learn from you how to best meet the needs of your child. We also need to know how best to communicate with you in case we need to go hybrid or distance learning during the school year. Thank you for making this time a priority!


Teaching children to read is one of the most important duties we have as educators and parents. It is very helpful when parents read to children on a regular basis, and we have students read daily in school. We have to partner together to help create a successful reader out of your children. There are so many other subjects that rely on students to already know how to read. Thank you for continuing to read with your children!

Antibacterial Wipes-Supply list

Antibacterial wipes were on our initial school supply list. Due to Covid-19, we totally understand that antibacterial wipes are difficult to find if not impossible. We have removed this from the list, and yet would welcome them if you are able to find them. We have added a labeled water bottle and a mask to the list. Students will need to use their water own bottles this year since we won't be able to have them use the water fountains. I did see a large supply at Menards when I was there last night.


Wearing masks will be an expectation this fall, as they are under Governor Walz mask mandate. It is best to have your child become comfortable with this practice before school starts explaining the why behind wearing a mask. I know masks are challenging for those of us who wear glasses. I find that nose wires really help with preventing glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask.

Free/Reduced Price Lunch

Free or reduced price meals are available for students whose family qualifies. The appropriate form must be completed each school year and submitted to Child Nutrition Services for review and approval. Applications are available online, at each principal’s office, each school kitchen and are mailed to each household in August. If an application is needed in a different language please contact Child Nutrition Services.

Below are the forms if you would prefer to print them off and return to the District Office:



Library Book Return

We are missing many library books. There is a blue bin in the front entry way at Bridgewater to place library books in case you are able to return them. Thank you for everyone who returned books so far!!

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