The Strawbridge Story

December 21, 2015

In the News...

Haddon Township had 8 participants in the Pass, Punt and Kick Finals at the Nova Care Complex Regional Competition Sunday 12/13/15.


Rachel Thatcher - 1st - 6/7 girls, Jennings

Camryn Bazulis - 1st - 8/9 girls, Jennings

Luke Chattem - 2nd - 10/11 boys, Van Sciver

Tanner Gilligan - 4th - 8/9 boys, Van Sciver

Sara Wiedeman - 2nd - 10/11 girls, Stoy

Brandon Kamulda - 3rd - 6/7 boys, Strawbridge

Jackson Lutz - 3rd - 12/13 boys, RMS

Madison Bradley -1st - 14/15 girls, HTHS

A Great Day for HT and the Eagles WON!

Thanks to Mr. Chris Fote and Mr. Bill Hoover for their work with our students.

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December 18, Report cards were sent home~ check those back packs!

Parent information meetings were held about the new report card roll-out.

If you missed it, check out the website to learn more.

1. Select District information (it's a tab along the top rather than the side)

2. Click on Curriculum and Instruction

3. Click on Elementary Report Cards

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Special thanks to our music teachers Miss McClintock (right) and Mrs. Marmelstein (left). the winter concert on December 16th was amazing!

The Week in Review

What happened?... What's coming up?...

Cooler weather is here! The heat is on. Please continue to send in water bottles daily, our rooms still tend to be warm!

December 23, Early Dismissal

December 24- January 1, Winter Break

January 4, 2016, School Re-opens

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Each year I visit each grade level and read a holiday story- Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwaanza. The kids love this time, but not as much as I do!