Bailey Inglish Updates

Head Start, Pre-K and PPCD

Calendar Items

12/1 - Library Field Trip

12/3 - Santa Visits/Pictures and Parent Crafting Party

12/4 - Home Visits

12/9 - Parent Meeting (1:00)

12/9 - WOW Wednesday @ 2:30

12/10 - Health Advisory Meeting - 12:00

12/11 - Home Visits

12/14 - Policy Council Meeting, BISD Board Meeting

12/15 - Staff Holiday Party @ 2:30 in the Cafeteria

12/16-17 - Gingerbread Houses w/Parents and children @ 7:30am

12/17 - BISD Holiday Breakfast/Luncheon in Board Room

12/17 - Community Players

12/18 - Early Release

**Reminder - You may wear jeans in December for $10.00

(Pay your money to Ms. White)

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12/18 - Shaumra Allen

12/22 - Rita Owens

12/26 - Mary Ann Taylor

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We will be having an exciting "STAFF HOLIDAY PARTY" on December 15 @ 2:30 pm in the cafeteria. We have lots of fun planned along with delicious food to eat. We will be finished in time for you to leave at your regular time. There will be a sign up sheet in the lounge for the food. This is an event you can't miss because



We will be having our first WOW Wednesday on December 9 @ 2:30 in the Cafeteria. The Community/Special Task Committee has planned a fun craft activity for all staff. We will be making snow globes from mason jars. All the supplies will be furnished except for the figurine inside the jar. You will need to bring an item to put in your snow globe. The item will need to be small (no taller than 3"). Wal-Mart has lots of small items that are not expensive.
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Thanks to everyone for the amazing roll out event for students. It was incredible!! I knew you would go above and beyond when I asked you to plan your classroom roll out. I am super excited to see what the future holds for our campus and our children. Thanks again!!