Dazel Cularte

Physical Consequences

  • Tar in lungs
  • Yellowing in nails
  • damage in teeth
  • lung cancer
  • Asthma Attack
  • Heart disease
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Social Consequences

  • It can affect infants
  • People will stay away from you if you smell
  • You wold smell
  • You might not get a job
  • Damage other lunges
  • You might get kicked out of restaurants
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Mental & Emotional Consequences

  • You will feel sad
  • Your brain will slow down
  • You would be unhealthy
  • You would be sad
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Dangers of Tobacco

Tobacco can give you asthma attacks.It can also give you tar in your lunges.It is also harmful to infants if you are to close to them.If you smoke near others they might stay away from you .When you smoke you can get lung cancer.They can damage your teeth turn them yellow.It will make your nails yellow.You might get kicked out of some restaurants if you smell bad.