Andrew Jackson's Presidency

How he Shaped the Nation

Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act was signed by Andrew Jackson in 1832. This allowed the U.S. Government to forcefully move the Cherokee Indian Tribe out of their fertile, desired land in Georgia, and onto less desirable land West of the Mississippi River. Despite the Supreme Court ruling that the Cherokee were a sovereign and Georgia could not interfere, Jackson enacted the Act, forcing all Indian tribes to relocate. Though this was highly illegal, the people supported Jackson's decision and he was not apprehended.

Nullification Crisis

Southerners were very upset that tariffs had been placed and South Carolina tried to use the 10th amendment to protect them from tariffs. South Carolina attempted to nullify tariffs and threatened to secede from the union if the U.S. Government interfered. In response , Jackson and Congress passed the Force Bill, giving him the power to use the U.S. Army to force South Carolina to pay. He also threatened to hang his Vice President, John C. Calhoun, who defended South Carolina. As a resolution, South Carolina accepted the Tariff of 1833 which lowered tariffs.

"Trail of Tears"

After the Indian Removal Act was passed, the Cherokee Indian Tribe was given two years too leave Georgia. After two years, the U.S. Army forcefully made the Indians leave and follow the very long "Trail of Tears". The Cherokee were promised that, they would be fed, protected, and cared for on the journey, but the U.S. Government failed to deliver. As a result, over 4000 Cherokee's died while relocating.
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Jackson and the National Bank Political Cartoon.

In this political cartoon, Jackson is abolishing the National Bank and is placing all funds into state banks. The paper he holds is the order to remove the bank. It radiates lighting bolts that destroy bank pillars and frighten the people who run the bank. The bankers are smaller than Jackson and one of them resembles a devil. These bankers are running and some are falling into a hole while Jackson stands proudly with a supportive man behind him. This man represents the people of the nation who are supporting Jackson and his decision. This cartoon shows that the cartoonist feels the National bank is corrupt and evil.


How could you Jackson? Force an entire tribe of Natives who are adapting to YOUR way of of life to endure a harsh winter on a trail to relocate so you can farm and find gold? You knew very well that the Supreme Court declared us a sovereign nation. We are people! Not savages! What you forced my people to do was illegal! I can't believe no one stopped you. You promised you would provide for us while on the trail but once again, you failed to deliver. So many of us died on the trail, we were burying our dead at every stop. Man of the people? Yeah right.

-A Cherokee you forced to suffer

Southerners are just being spoiled brats!

Ignore those spoiled rotten Southerners, Jackson. You are doing the right thing by placing tariffs. The only way this country can be successful is if we can make our own money. Relying only on imported goods from foreign countries will not help our economy grow! Keep those tariffs going strong. Our American industries will flourish! The South is always going to find another thing to complain about.

-A supportive Northerner