How to survive 3rd grade

By: Lawson, Kaitlyn & Andrew.


The theme of a story is sort of like the moral of a book. But you have to go deeper inside the book. The whole reason we read is for education and enjoyment.Cursive is a fancy way of writing with words. Cursive kinda looks like a roller coaster. Cursive looks really weird.


Division is sort of like subtraction but harder it takes a lot of work. I think the best method for division is skip counting and counting how many times you skip counted. I think it's really hard but very brain growing.

Rounding is fun but you need to focus.I think it’s hard to round when you first first start it.Rounding is getting to the nearest 10s 100s or 1000s.

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There's different parts of heat we learn about like sources of heat. Heat can melt stuff.Heat can be transferred from object to object.

Mixtures are two or more objects mixed together that you can tell apart.A solution is two or more objects mixed that you can't tell apart. Over all mixtures and solutions are basically the same.

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Social studies

Land forms include islands and valleys. They can be in the water like lakes. land forms are all over the place.

Continents have many countries. Did you know some people think Australia is part of Asia. Continents include Asia, Africa, north and south america,and Australia.

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When your teacher is out of the room you need integrity or everyone will go crazy.

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