5 Themes of Chicago

Jake Ruggiero

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This map of the Midwest shows the absolute and relative location of Chicago. The absolute location is shown by latitude and longitude (41 N, 87 W) lines shown on the map. The relative location of Chicago can be shown relative to Lake Michigan, "Chicago is just southeast from Lake Michigan," or relative to Detroit, "Chicago is east of Detroit."

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Chicago is a massive, bustling city and is one of the major tourist cities in the United States. It is full of busy streets, shops around every corner, and art exhibits just about every where you go. Whether you eat at the Terzo Piano above The Chicago Institute of Art or get some deep dish pizza down below, you will be eating in a beautifully busy city.


Chicago is in the interior plains region and the land is pretty flat. There is only minor change in elevation throughout it, making it ideal for the skyscrapers it has. All of Illinois is in the Midwestern region, and of the three regions Illinois is divided into, Chicago is in Northern Illinois. (Chicago is also located in or very near Tornado Alley, depending on what map you are looking at, making it susceptible to tornadoes and thunderstorms.)


Chicago has movement at all times. People come from around the country and around the world to see the Willis Tower, eat amazing food, and most importantly, experience deep dish pizza. You cannot just eat deep dish pizza, you have to savor it, it is an experience in itself. People also come to Chicago for its art (everywhere), like the Chicago Art Institute or the exhibits and fountains around the city.

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Human Environment Interactions

The impact Chicago's buildings, factories, and traffic does have a terrible effect on the environment, but it is impressive that to solve the problem of limited space, we built up. Not just one story up, but 108 stories up. Unfortunately, it is because of all of these people and concrete jungle that this city does not have a good impact on the environment. That doesn't mean you shouldn't visit though!