TED 3rd Period Project

Comparing the best and worst technological inventions

The good: Google Chrome

This is the good technological invention, Google Chrome. It is fast, snappy, well designed, and easily accessible. It succeeded because people created it well. it had a lot of support by people who used it and the designers for updates alike.

More information about Google Chrome.

It was advertised more than it's competitors, and it was widely received, and seen as one of the fastest web browsers out there. This is why I feel like this invention succeeded where Microsoft with Internet Explorer Edge failed.

The bad: Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a new version of Internet Explorer that attempts to revitalize the nineteen year old browser. It sought to change the stereotype of Internet Explorer being clunky and slow, and failed miserably. It basically took a slow browser, and made it slower by painting a modern look over top. It also made the already large toolbar larger, and overall wastes a lot of empty, usable space to put many more features it is so lacking. Not only is it slow, but the older version of Internet Explorer is faster.

More information about Microsoft Edge

It was also poorly advertised, but it was pre-packaged with Windows 10. It also had very little support.