Easter Update

Ella's Journal

What's Up?

As you know Easter is a time where most people get together and celebrate, but it is also a time where some people are sad because of what they don't have. Over the Easter break I have met up with friends and family. I have also seen people I really didn't want to see. People I tried to avoid. Meanwhile, at crossfit I was left with these really young kids because everyone else went on a vacation. I really need to move to the Teen's class, but that may be too early because my mom teaches at Francos and doesn't get out 'till 15 minutes before. She usually spends 15 minutes getting ready to leave though. That's one of her fastest times.

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My Apologies

I ususally start babbling to different topics than what I originally planned to talk about. Do not say 'You dont have to say sorry so much', but I always will so...sorry?