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Week of April 11, 2016 - B Week

The End in Sight

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No article this week. Just a gratitude for all you've accomplished so far. And an intention for the next 9 weeks - to finish as strongly as we began.

The fourth quarter of any game can be the most challenging, but it will make the difference in how we achieve our goals. Distractions will be greater, the schedule will get thrown off, and students may get tired, but it will also be full of fun activities, parent involvement, and a great opportunity to see displays of the learning from the year. It will be rewarding and inspiring.

I'm looking forward to the challenge - and I know you are too.

Thanks for all you do!


Shout Outs

The Intermediate team - for always stepping and having each others' backs!

Tawanna - for stepping in wherever there is trouble!

The Primary Team - for being willing to do anything - even student teachers in April!


IT'S a B Week

Next Prize Raffle will be 4/1.

Report Card Timeline

April 1 - Quarter Ends

April 22 - Drafts Due

April 26 - Report Cards Home

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Upcoming Events

Monday Market Expo

Monday, April 11th, 1:15pm


Normal Lunch and Recess Schedule!

Library - Operations
Room 1 - Theater/Music/Arts
Room 6 - Yard Games
Room 7 - Crafts
Room 8 - Nature
Room 12 - Cooking
Room 13 - Wood Working

VDOE School Improvement Meeting

Monday, April 11th, 2:30pm


The Group will continue work on building tasks into the plan.

Early Release

Thursday, April 14th, 1:15pm


UVA - vocabulary Development

Faculty Meeting

Thursday, April 21st, 2:30pm


Book Club

Calendar for 15-16

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