December 7th, 2021

"Where it's always a good day to be a Bison!"

News from Mrs. Marlatt!

Dear parents and guardians,

Here we are, at the end of 2021. It is hard to believe that we have 2 weeks left of school this year. And what a year it has been! Thank you for hanging in there with us so far!

Coming to school on time... Coming to school consistently... These are all important things to consider the next 2 weeks, and always. Students who consistently come to school and come on time, learn! I How can you as a parent or guardian support and partner with us by making sure your student (s) is always at school and always on time?

We have some fun things planned for staff and students coming up. Be on the lookout for information going home about Spirit Week, Buddy's gotta Study (below) and more. Let's end 2021 in style!

Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Mrs. Marlatt

Important Dates:

  • Winter Break 12/21 - 1/03
  • Students are back on 1/04/22

Thank You for Your Help!

We appreciate all contributions to our PTO through our Bison Stampede Fun Run. As promised, the top earners for each grade level (PK - 5th) got to have fun with our Pie-in-the-Face event! A huge THANK YOU to Mr. Gupton and Coach Perez for their willingness to get messy!I hope you enjoy the video clip!

P.S. - In case you are wondering, we used a spinner to see who would get "pied". Mr. Gupton was the lucky winner every single time expect for one (well, maybe twice).

Pie in the Face Day

Traffic Reminders

Thank you parents for your cooperation and for helping us keep our students safe! Arrival and Dismissal times are going a lot better. Below are reminders of the rules and steps to continue to make everyone safe.

  • No parked cars in the "no parking zone" - which is by the sidewalk from the beginning of the parking lot all the way to the front doors. This is a fire lane and also a bus lane. There is NO PARKING anytime. Only drop off or pick up. We have noticed many cars parked waiting for the school to open in the morning, blocking the bus and causing lines of cars that go all the way outside the parking lot. Please drop off your student and go - no parking.
  • Same rules apply for pick up after school.
  • Students can be dropped off at 7:30am for breakfast eaters and 7:35am for non breakfast eaters. We do not have supervision for students who are dropped off before these times.
  • Students must be picked up at 3:30pm every day. We do not have staff to supervise students after school.
  • Let us know if you need information about our before and after-school program.
  • Please only use the handicap parking if you have a handicap license.
  • The Staff of the Month parking is for staff only at all times.

We appreciate your cooperation!

Holiday Parties

Due to Covid and our 27J layers of protection, we will not be able to invite parents and guardians to attend our holiday parties this year. You are welcome to send in goodies for classroom parties. Check with your teacher for details. Thank you for understanding!

Arrival ad Dismissal Times

  • Students are able to start breakfast at 7:30am. Please enter by the cafeteria side door. All other students start at 7:35am.
  • Please be prompt when picking up your student at the end of the learning day. Once the end of the day bell rings and students leave, teachers continue working. They plan. attend meetings and are not available to watch your student. In addition to that, our office staff clocks out at 4pm. Thank you for your cooperation!

Buddy's Gotta Study!!! Can you find Buddy?

Let's have some fun schoolwide! On Tuesday, when your student arrives to school, be on the lookout for Buddy the Elf. Where might he be hiding?

  • Students, try and spot Buddy! When you do, tell your teacher. If Buddy is spotted everyday, your class will be eligible for a Pizza Party on Thursday, 12/16. Look out for Buddy! He is pretty tricky!

What Will Teachers Learn this Week?

Teachers will meet on Wednesday as usual for grade level Professional Learning Communities. This week meetings will be led by our Instructional Coach. Each grade level will learn something new around data. We look forward to our meetings every week as a way to better ourselves for our students!