MYP Technology

Design Cycle


The design cycle is a model and it is intended to be the central tool to help students create and evaluate products/solutions in response to challenges. The MYP technology design cycle consists of five major stages and these relate to the objectives of the course.

These stages are:




This is your response to the challenge, showing how you intend to solve the problem you have been presented with. This will guide your investigation as you work to develop a more detailed design specification.

B- Design

You are expected to generate several feasible designs that meet the design specification and to evaluate these against the design specification.

You are then expected to select one design, justify your choice and evaluate this in detail against the design specification


You are expected to construct a plan to create your chosen product/solution that has a series of logical steps, and that makes effective use of resources and time.

You are expected to evaluate the plan and justify any modifications to the design.


You are expected to document, with a series of photographs or a video and a dated record, the process of making your product/solution, including when and how you use tools, materials and techniques. You are expected to follow your plan, to evaluate your plan and to justify any changes you make to the plan while you are creating the product/solution.

You will sometimes embark upon a very ambitious project, or you may encounter unforeseen circumstances. In some circumstances a product/solution that is incomplete or does not function fully can still achieve one of the levels awarded for this criterion.


You are expected to evaluate the product/solution against the design specification in an objective manner based on testing, and to evaluate its impact on life, society and/or the environment. You are expected to explain how the product/solution could be improved as a result of these evaluations.

You are expected to evaluate your own performance at each stage of the design cycle and to suggest ways in which your performance could be improved.