North vs. South



In the North may people transported by railroads and canals. Even though roads were rebuilt river transportation was still a lot faster and cheaper than traveling by roads.

In the South may people traveled by the river. The south had very few railroads. They also used boats to transport goods. If they did have railroads it came from the North.


in the South there were swamps and marshes all long the the coast. They had mild winters and long hot humid summers. The South had broad flat rivers. they had the perfect conditions to grow rice and sugar cane.

In the North they had freezing winters and humid summers. Their broad rivers deposited rich soil.By the Appalachian mountains lay the central plains a large forested area drained by the Mississippi river.


In the North people started to work with machines instead of using their hands. They mostly made money by companies and machines.One of the people who helped bring the industrial revolution to the u.s was Francis Cabot Lowell.

The South's economy was based on agriculture.They used slaves to grow cash crops, tobacco, rice, sugar cane and indigo. Most white southerns worked on their own small farms. By 1860 sales of cotton over seas earned more than all the other U.S. exports combined.


In the North slaves were free but not treated equal. They couldn't vote or doing anything a white could do. More than a million people lived in New York. Many diseases spread rapidly. Not very healthy conditions so that is why diseases spread so rapidly.

In the South there were not no many free blacks, most of them were slaves. Wealthy plantation owners dominated the economy. Their was this pyramid that had wealthy on the top, farmers in the middle and slaves on the bottom. Slavery affected religon.

Tenement Life 1860-1910