Kate and Cat's

by Kate


Hi, my name is Kate .I'm in 3rd grade . When I grow up I want to be a vet.

Meet My Family

I have a big sister, a baby sister , a cat ,and a dog .My cat's mom got run over by a car .My mom's friend found my cat on the street. She had a dog and did not want my cat to get hurt ,so she gave him to my mom .My cat is 8 and my dog is 13 .My dog was the runt. My dad called my mom and he said," I'm going to get a dog ." , and it was my dog.

My mom

My Mom is the best ever because I love her and she loves me back.

My Favorite Tings to do After School.

I like to play on my i pad. I like playing my shark game, painting flows, drawing ponies , and portraits.

My Favorite Shows

I like watching the Minions, the Ice Age and My little pony I really like season 5.

Funny moments

One time my baby sister put on a bra and my big sister stuffed it with toilet paper it was the most fun ever her is a another picture.

What I Think is Cute

I like munchkin cats because they're really small, cute ,and they're small the whole time of their life.This is not my cat.

What I Like to Play

I like to play with L.PS. because they are colorful and cute . There are over 1,347 L.P.S. videos on the planet.This is a picture of Nyan cat as a l. p.s.

Me and Ms Mc Bee

She is my favorite teacher because she is nice to me and is fun for a math teacher. she is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Elf

My elf is funny and cute .One time my elf hid on my kitchen lamp and got the marshmallows and spelled thank you because I gave him a shirt and a toy dog.



now you

no me.

I am kind and I love animals that are cute and ugly.