Geographical Investigation Project

Our little trip to Tiong Bahru

Housing in the past

Tiong Bahru Estate is one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore build in the 1930s and we have come here to investigate on what the people living there or dining there etc think of the place.

GI Group research on TB

Interview questions and responses
1. How long have been living inTiong Bahru?

2. Do you have a special place that you always visit and why?

3. What are the changes that have taken place in Tiong Bahru estate over the years?

4. Do you think Tiong Bahru is an inclusive estate(facilities for all ages/affordable/sense of belonging)

5. How do feel about the living condition here?

6. Which place do you like to visit the most during your free time?

Here are some pictures we took

the olden days mailbox still in good shape

Big image

Housing in the present

photos of SK neighbourhood

describe how SK is inclusive

Housing in the future

drawing of future inclusive neighbourhood your own group's drawing