Please Don't Eat That.

(On Leftovers and Life Everlasting)

(from Maryanne's blog)

It’s a simple story, sad but true. BJ walks by, carrying a plate of leftovers still steaming from a reheat in the microwave. I recognize the meal and yell, “Noooooo, Beej! Don’t eat that!” We act out this little play very, very often. Now, I must confess, every now and then it’s because he’s breaking into something I’m saving for MCO (Maryanne’s Consumption Only). But, more than likely, it’s because he’s partaking of something nuclear.

You see, my darling husband operates under the dangerous delusion that refrigerated food lives forever. His trusting nature leaves him vulnerable to aged-out leftovers that he deems immortal (“It’s still good…It’s been in the fridge!”). That’s why I am forced to clean out the refrigerator very often—not because I want to, not because I enjoy it, and certainly not because I’m a tidy person. I clean it out for my husband’s safety. If I ever decide to hasten his death, all I have to do is skip cleaning the fridge for a month and he’ll die from eating hairy, moldy taco salad. Just today, I was dismayed to discover he’d polished off last week’s corn on the cob. Delicious, he assured me. Deadly, I corrected him.

Newsflash, sweet and entertaining husband of mine...


The Next Several Weeks

September 13-16.......Revival @ New Prospect Baptist Church (Leivasy, West Virginia)

September 20-23.......Revival @ Meadow Grove Baptist Church (Dawson, West Virginia)

October 1-3.......Cowboy Church @ KMH Horsemanship Clinic (Yadkinville, North Carolina)

October 5-8.......Revival @ Laurel Knob Baptist Church (Jefferson, North Carolina)

October 11-14.......Revival @ Mt. Olivet Baptist Church (Charleston, West Virginia)

October 18.......Tuckerdale Baptist Church (Lansing, North Carolina)

October 24-25.......Cowboy Church @ ACTHA Ride (Crossville, Tennessee)


We're getting closer! We had the home inspection at the potential property (Union, WV) on Monday. While BJ went through with the inspector, Mabel and I enjoyed a some girl time in the shade. Please keep praying! If the Lord allows us to have this place, there will be several immediate needs, such as a tractor, barn, and fencing. We're looking forward to seeing God do some super cool things, and we'll be sure to keep you posted on it all.
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We pulled over to make a quick thank you video for all of you who so graciously, sacrificially support Circle G Ministry. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! I know it's just a silly video made by two crazy people who've spent a little too much time on the road today, but we really do mean it. You are our HEROES!

So here's to you, here's to Rocky the Rav4, and here's to the next 300,000 miles!

Here's to the next 300,000 miles!


Today, on the 14th anniversary of 9/11, we want to thank the brave men and women who have served and currently serve in the Armed Forces, as well as our police, firemen, and first responders. May God bless and protect you, today and every day! Thank you!
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About Circle G Ministry

Circle G is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry dedicated to reaching as many people as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this through both traditional church ministry (revivals, special services, youth rallies) and equestrian evangelism (horsemanship clinics, rides, and cowboy church services). It all boils down to this: reviving the church and reaching the lost.