Beardsley Zoo

By: Grayson Schottmuller

Lets take a field trip to Beardsley Zoo!

Beardsley Zoo offers many fun animal attractions, exciting activities like scavenger hunts, short hikes, and a lesson in animal facts. Students can learn about animals habitats, species, and how they have adapted to their habitats.

How far away is the Beardsley zoo?

The beardsley zoo is about 20 miles away and 35-40 minutes away

Activities and Schedule

We leave school at 9:30

And come back at around 1:30 to 2:00

Scavenger hunts are available all day long, as well as Great local hikes.

Students Rating

i conducted a survey and Beardsley zoo had the highest ratings compared to Stamford Museum & Nature Center and Devils Den nature preserve. with the rating of about 3.2 out of 5 . The survey showed me which field trip my classmates most wanted to go on.

Algebraic expression

X= 8t + 400b

X= total cost

c= number of attendees

t= number of Buses

$1,628 = 8(204)

$2,000 = $400(5)

X = $3,628

3,628 divided by 188 = $19.29 but we could round it to $20 per student the left over would be used to pay student cost or lunch money.

Cost and admission

The cost for transportation would be $2,000 for 5 school bus's.

admission would cost about:$1,628.

altogether the cost to go there would be, $3,628 plus the cost of food if students want to buy food from the Beardsley Zoo cafe.

Field trip

Wednesday, April 9th, 11:30am-1:30pm

1875 Noble Ave

Bridgeport, CT

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I hope you consider my field trip, And Thanks For watching