Nuclear Fusion

The Process that Powers the SUN!!!

All About ME!!!

My name is Clint and I work for a nuclear fusion plant in southern New Mexico. I attended Arkansas Tech and earned a Masters Degree in the study of nuclear physics. All my life I have wanted to solve our society's problem with making clean and efficient energy. It is an honor to be able to have this opportunity.

Operation Atomic Energy

Recently we have been working really hard on the lab called Operation Atomic Energy. This lab deals with a large energy producing process called nuclear fusion. If we are able to pull this off will produce a lot of energy and if we manage to not have any leaks it will create no pollution. This will give America a major energy boost.

Guaranteed to provide energy to all Americans


To help our journey to create a nuclear fusion plant please donate. In the end it will save you money because power will be so much easier to making your power bill much cheaper.