Typing Properly

Tips and facts about typing with good technique

These are six Important steps you need to type with good technique.

1.) You should always keep your back straight and not crooked this will keep your neck from hurting.

2.) You should always have your hands on the F and J keys before you start typing.

3.) Keep your hands on the keyboard. (don't lift up searching for keys.)

4.) This one goes with number three and it's don't peck around for the keys. Good technique will teach you where the keys are.

5.) You should know where to put each finger. (there are different placements for each finger).

6.) Your eyes should always be on the screen or the copy you are copying off of like a a rough draft on paper or on another computer.

These are a few picture that will give you an idea of proper typing technique and the rules of typing.

Heres some links you can go to to get different typing tips and resources that helped make this page.