The Scribble

Week of 3/29


  • The new scribe class has been hired! They will begin their shadowing shifts in the ED on April 11th.
  • The next scribe meeting will be held on April 2nd at 10:30 AM in room 1000.
  • Reminder: Annual HIPPA Training and UF Privacy Office Confidentiality Statements must be completed by March 31st.
  • Reminder: The May schedule request period closes on April 3rd.
  • Reminder: Don't forget to send in your laptop #'s with MRNs.

Scribe Recognition

Charting Tips

  • Buzzwords to be beware of:
    -chest pain radiating to the back which signifies aortic dissection
    -worst headache of my life->meningitis
    -sudden onset of a headache->intracranial bleed
    -lethargic (for children)
    -irritable and inconsolable (for children)
  • If you lose internet connection while you're in a chart and then get locked out with an error message stating you're still in the chart, wait 20 minutes and you will then see an incomplete chart which you can continue working in.
  • You may see something like G1P1001 in PEDS. This is a way of reporting births in the "TPAL" format which stands for t=term births p=pre-term births a=abortions and l=living children. So the above term would mean the woman had been pregnant once and delivered a full term child who is still living.

Scribing and Beyond

Scribble Extra

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Outside Hospital