Madison, Indiana

By: Emma Walker


Madison is near the bottom of Indiana, on the Ohio river, 39 miles away from Louisville, Kentucky. The coordanites re 38.7500°N, 85.400°W.


Madison is an old historic town, with old buildings. Madison is a miniature town with a magnificent river front. The valley makes Madison visible and invisible. Only 11,927 people live there. It is about the size of Holland.


Madison has all 4 seasons just like the rest of Indiana. Madison is very small compared to the rest of Indiana's larger cities.


People move to Madison because it is an old historic town with modern shopping located on a beautiful river front. Madison has the convenience of larger shopping center of WalMart up on the hill away from downtown. People trade the laid back slow pace of Madison for the fast pace life of Louisville. Louisville and other larger cities offer more employment opportunities.

Human Enviroment Interaction

People of Madison built a nuclear power plant. Which increase the pollution in the environment. People cleared the land on the outskirts of Madison to build modern retail stores. Which cleared animals natural habitat.