Kindergarten Newsletter

May 20

Bailey Forest

If you did not sign up for a school lunch for our field trip on Thursday, May 26th, please remember to send a bag lunch that day.

Save the Date

Instead of a kindergarten graduation at Crestview, we perform our version of the Little Red Hen story. Please save the following date and time to make sure at least one family member is in the audience for your child. Friday, June 3 at 1pm

The kindergarteners got to pick two characters they would like to be in the play. We then picked parts based on that information collected. We started practicing our parts this week and it is starting to come together! They are excited for you to see our play :-)

Summer Birthdays




If your child would like to celebrate his/her summer birthday, please

send in a treat the last week in May (any day).


We need a few more snack to get us through the school year. Please consider bringing in one more class snack to share. Thank you!

Dodge Nature Center's Farm

We are going to the farm! Please return the permission form by Friday, May 27th.

Important Dates

Thursday, May 26-Trip to the Bailey Forest

Thursday, June 6-Dodge Nature Center visit

Friday, June 3-Little Red Hen Kindergarten Play

Friday, June 10-Last day of Kindergarten

A Peak at Next Week

Theme: Farm

Math: Story Problems & Review

Star words: review

Writing: Informational Writing about farms and farm animals

*We are all done with our word families for the year! We learned 14 word families!

Star Words

I, see, a, the, is, it, like, am, at, an, and, in, my, look, go, are, on, was, he, she, you, me, by, can, this, for, not, said, will, come, went, up, here, that, play, has, have, his, her, had, they, from, of, got, get, do, doing, yes, no, does, I'm, make, came, saw