Earths Spheres

by Liliana Najera && Ashley Quiroga

The earth's spheres and how they interact

There are 5 spheres


Hydrosphere Is the portion of the Earth That is water . It can be found in many parts of the earth including lakes,rivers,aquifers in rock and soil and water in the atmosphere . 97 % percent of the hydrosphere is salt water but much of life on Earth depends on the other 3 Percent of fresh water . Hydrosphere and atmosphere they interact by the wind in the atmosphere blows on the water and forms waves . Energy is being transferred from the atmosphere to the hydrosphere .


The cryosphere is the part of earth system that is frozen water . It is found on many parts of earth . Ice is found near the equator at high altitudes as snow on mountain tops. The cryosphere is made up of sea ice , lake and river ice , snow glaciers and ice sheets and permafrost . This Is how Cryosphere and Hydrosphere Interact ,There is a lot of ice and snow on Earth .When It Melts and flows into rivers matter is being transferred between the cryosphere and the hydrosphere .


The Atmosphere is a thin layer of gases that surround earth . The atmosphere is 78 percent nitrogen , 21 percent oxygen , and one percent other gases. The atmosphere is divided into separate layers, with very different conditions in each.Every layer performs an important function , but most living things can only exist in the lowest layer , called the troposphere . During Photosynthesis , matter is being transferred between the biosphere and the atmosphere .


The biosphere is made up of living things and the areas of Earth Where they are found .Biosphere interacts with atmosphere , hydrosphere,& geosphere .


Geosphere is mostly solid rocky part of earth . The geosphere extends from the surface of Earth right to its center . It's mad up of three main layers . The names are the crust , the mantle , and the core . Geosphere interacts with biosphere because matter and energy are being transferred between the geosphere and biosphere .