O2 Spring Updates

April 9, 2014 - by Melissa Milligan #7176

How to find your mentor's information

Every Designer in O2 has a mentor. If you do not have your mentor's information you can get it by going to your back office. Under reports you will see Designer Performance Summary - Click on this. In this report you will see "Upline Name" and then the name and a blue link with "Contact Information". This will be your mentor and their information.

Latest and Greatest from Origami Owl

We have a lot of new and exciting promotions and items this month.

Firstly, we have new products for Mother's day.

Some of the items are Limited Edition (LE) while others are here to stay.

Please see the fliers below for more details.

There are a few items that are not available until Friday April 11th.

ER1003 – Silver Pave Hoops

ER1004 – Black Pave Hoops

ER2005 – Gold Pave Heart Earring Drops

ER2006 – Rose Gold Pave Heart Earring Drops

CH1914 – Perfume Charm

New Starter Kit Available!

Deluxe kits now available for new designers!!!!!!

Take That Debut Jewelry Bar From Basic to Deluxe!

New O2 Designers can get their jewelry businesses off to a flying start with the new Deluxe Business Package! Our Basic Business Package has always been a great value, and will continue to provide new Designers with everything they need to put on a successful debut Jewelry Bar. But the Deluxe Business Package is an even better deal, it has more than 50 additional pieces of jewelry, including more charms, more Living Lockets, more business supplies, more everything—a $1,100 retail value for only $399! If your new team member wants her debut Jewelry Bar to be truly unforgettable, the Deluxe Business Package is a must. She can learn all about it when she enrolls!

Movin' On Up!

Movin' On Up Promotion -- Get to the Next level!

Now is the time to get to the next level on our career plans!

Can you hear it? It’s the sweet sound of success . . . and it’s calling your name!

Beginning April 1st, all O2 Designers through Senior Team Leaders are eligible for our Movin’ On Up incentive program, which includes some real rockin’ prizes.

Designers promoting to Senior Team Leader before June 30th get a hot new Beats Pill speaker + $50 iTunes gift card, and those promoting to Executive Team Leader will receive an iPad 2 with custom O2 protective cover!

So let the music play, get those Jewelry Bars hoppin’, and move on up!

See the video below and visit the O2 Lounge for program details and FAQs, and http://www.o2incentives.com for other valuable incentive updates!

Career Plan - EXPLAINED!

Career Plan Explanation

The career plan can be a little intimidating and confusing at first glance, but once you get it, you will see how attainable each level can be, and how much it could me to reaching your dreams! It is more important than ever to understand our career plan with the awesome new incentives from O2 (see above post).

Understanding the career plan: Payments for your team are monthly. You will receive payment on your PayAnywhere account by the 10th of the following month.

Personal Discount - The amount of commissions you will make from a retail sale, or the amount you receive off to reach your wholesale pricing on a wholesale order. Everywhere you are in the career plan you receive an awesome 30% or 50% commission on each and every O2 Jewelry.

Across the top are your titles - Designer through Executive Director. Once you make a title you keep that as your lifetime title. However, you are paid as the level you make in each individual month. In your back office under reports, you will see paycheck coach and career coach, these will help you see what goals you need to meet that month.

On the left side you will see PV (personal volume). This is the wholesale amount that you have sold/bought in that calendar month. There are no monthly minimums to be a Designer (but there is a $199 trailing 6 month PV to remain active in O2).

Next you will see ACTIVE. This means personally sponsored active designers. Each month you will need to reach the amount stated for the title you wish to be paid on. A personally sponsored active designer means a designer that has at least $99 in PV that calendar month. This amount does not affect the designer, it only has an impact on their uplines. The designers get paid their 30% or 50% commissions regardless.

Next is Team Structure. This simply states, for example, that you need 1Team Leader in your downline to qualify as a Senior Team Leader, and so forth.

Next is CTV (Central Team Volume) this is the total PV from your entire team. No more than 50% of this can come from any one branch of your team. You will see, for example, that a Leading Designer must have $500 in CTV. That means she must have at least $250PV and her team must also have at least $250PV to meet that requirement.

Team Bonus: This shows the amount you will be paid on your team. If you are a Leading Designer and meet the requirements to be such, you will get 9% of your teams PV (not counting your own of course as you get 30-50% on your sales regardless). If you are a Team Leader you get 10% on your first level, and 5% on your second and so on.

I hope this clarifies the promotion and our career plan for you. Please ask your mentor if you have any questions regarding this.

Soar to Success - Promotion!

Soar to Success - Great Promotion for our newest designers who started March or later!

Announcing Soar to Success!

Starting today, all new Designers are automatically enrolled in the brand new Soar to Success* rewards program! It’s designed to help new Designers get their jewelry business off to a flying start by inspiring them to achieve success during their first 90 days as an O2 Designer. On top of the great commissions they’ll earn, they will also receive special rewards worth up to $450! So, new Designers, get your debut Jewelry Bar scheduled today, and if you're a seasoned Designer that's growing your team, make sure to help your new team members succeed by following this easy new program.

Speaking of Jewelry Bars, there’s no better place to share the O2 love and build your team.

Sponsor up to three new Designers within your first 90 days and you’ll not only be soaring to success, you’ll earn some rewards that will help you take your business to even higher heights!

For more details, watch this video!

Visit the O2 Lounge for all the program details and FAQs, and o2incentives.com for other valuable incentive updates!

If you're a new Designer (or if you've just sponored a new Desinger on your team) be sure to check out the training video to jump start your O2 business, it is posted below.

PS. If you joined March 1 or later, we didn't forget about you! You're also eligible for Soar to Success, and your "Day 1" is April 1st!

*For complete details, please visit your back office.

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We’ve Got a New Sales Webinar Schedule!

Those satisfying sales webinars you watch every Monday evening are being rolled into one! All that information and inspiration will now be shared in a single webinar, presented on the first Monday of every month. So mark your calendars, the next sales webinar is Monday, May 5, 2014.

About Melissa

I am Melissa Milligan #7176, a Senior Team Leader with Origami Owl and am in your upline. Everyone with O2 has a Mentor, if you do not know who your mentor is please see the first section of this newsletter on how to find your mentor. If you cannot get in contact with your mentor please contact me so I can help you to make sure you are as successful in your O2 experience as you dream to be! My email is info@wowphotos.biz