Why you should move to mexico right now?

Cool Things to Know About Mexico

In Mexico the average temperature Is around the 60s. Also Mexico has 142 people per square mile. Also if you like coca cola then this is for you Mexico drinks more coca cola then any other country. And if you go there you will be rich because every 1$ dollar you have now you have 15$. And Mexico is only 1,875 miles away.
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The Mexico Flag

The flag of Mexico, most recently adopted on 17 September 1968.
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Tulum is situated on the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula.The tropical beach backdrop makes this a stunning top attraction which should not be missed.
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Palenque contains some of the finest architecture and sculptures in Maya ever produced.
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Copper Canyon

Copper Cannon is a network of Canyons which In total is bigger than the Grand Canyon.
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They have a huge giant Highway that is 227,481 miles long. And cars are the most used part of there transportation to ride on the highway.


If you move to Mexico of course your going to see people eating lots of tacos, burritos, tamales and way more They also like Hot stuff. So if love those then this is the place for you.


Day of the Dead every November 1 and 2 For Mexicans, death is more a cause for celebration than mourning, and that spirit has been kept very much alive.

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Buenos días-Good morning Buenas tardes-Good afternoon Buenas noches-Good evening night and ¿Cómo está?-How are you?. A casual greeting is Hola-Hello.


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