Budget Bank

By: Ilka

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Total cost of Christmas List: $631.77

1. How did finding the total cost of your Christmas/Birthday List make you feel? It made me feel good because it wasn’t too high and I could get the things I want.

2. Did you feel a need to change you wish list after see the total cost? No, because I could get the things I want at a very good price.

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Job Questions

1. What are the benefits of setting up a budget and what are the disadvantages?

It’s good to have a budget because it will help you save money and not use up all of it. It is also bad because sometimes you want to get something but it’s not in your budget.

2. What did your learn from completing a budget?

Sometimes you have to make a budget so you can save money but still get a couple of things that you can get that you want.

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