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May 11, 2020

Notes from the Administration

Wow! What an amazing community we have! Thank you to everyone who stepped up for our FLAT Teacher challenge. I saw so many teachers out and about with students.

Please remember to tweet them @ WhittierES.

Thank you as well for sending in those postcards! Our teachers are going to love those books that we put together for them with the pictures and post cards.

Again, you continue to amaze me!

End of year information- The Board of Education has a meeting tomorrow evening. Once we have been given directives from our Board of Education, we will be in touch about the official last day of school, and details related to gathering belongings. Thank you for your patience and positivity!

Hometown Hero

Whittier is full of HEROs! Each week we are going to spotlight a staff member who has gone above and beyond to embrace the definition of HERO.

A hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Matt Byrd- Mr. Byrd has been a teacher at Whittier for a very long time. He has held several roles in our building. He has been a 2nd grade teacher, 5th grade teacher, school support teacher, and a 4th grade teacher.

He has run our Service Learning Club, getting students involved in serving their communities. His heart is exceptionally big! We were unable to maintain the School Support position last year due to our enrollment numbers.

Mr. Byrd chose to go to 4th grade as a teacher. His students are so lucky to have him.

I had a parent call me to let me know that Mr. Byrd waited for the parent to get home from work to help him with Schoology. They were on the phone working through connectivity issues and Schoology concerns until almost 11 pm.

Mr. Byrd is checking in with students daily, and meeting the needs of students in his class.

Way to Go Mr. Byrd. We appreciate your commitment to students!

Upcoming Events

5th Grade Parents- Be on the lookout for information related to T-shirt orders, photograph opportunities, 5th grade clap out, and celebration information. We are so excited by the teamwork of our PTA, 5th Grade Teachers, and 5th Grade Celebration Committee!

Virtual Book Fair- Our PTA is organzing a virtual Buy One Get One (BOGO) Bookfair for students. More information coming soon!

Virtual Talent Show- Information will be forthcoming about this event as well! Can't wait to see all of our Talented friends.

Big picture

Routines for kids

During this very unusual time, you may letting your child stay up later than normal. Your schedule may look different. Your worries may be greater. Our kids can sense that something is going on. Maintaining as many routines as possible are important for your child.

We've included the chart above about how much sleep, children need.

Why the importance of sleep?

Sleep allows a child's brain to:

  • feel calm and refreshed
  • make good choices
  • pay attention to learning
  • remember what they learned
  • do better in sports
  • avoid getting hurt
  • feel good about themselves

Why a bedtime routine is important:

  • Routines lead to healthy adult habits.
  • Brushing teeth, taking a bath or a shower
  • Planning for the next day (having materials prepared)
  • Sharing a high, low, and worry of the day allows the brain to prepare for a restful sleep
  • Teaches your child how to handle worry and anxiety
  • Children tend to share the most in a relaxed calm environment

How do I help set a routine:

  • Establish a clean up time (why are you cleaning up all the messes)
  • Establish a schedule for showers, baths
  • Establish a snack schedule (if that's your preference)
  • Establish a time for pajamas and brushing teeth
  • Establish a time for sharing about the day
  • Share relaxation strategies.
  • Read a book.
  • Don't forget in all time of unknowns, to tell your child that you love them!

Big picture

PreK and Kindergarten Registration

At this time we do not have information about PreK and Kindergarten registration.

As soon as we have that information, we will get that out to you!

Thank you for your patience!

Meal Pick Up at WHES

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner served at WHES as "to go" 11:00-1:00

This is a change. FCPS Food Services will provide 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Free to all students 18 and under. Please consider taking advantage of opportunity.

Blessings in A Backpack Food Pick Up

Blessings in A Backpack Food Pick Up

Friday May 15th


WHES Parking Lot

If you find that during this time, your situation has changed and you are in need of resources to support you and your family, please contact Shelley.Lewis@fcps.org or Lisa.Reese@fcps.org or Kirsten.Leatherman@fcps.org

Free WiFi in Certain School Parking Lots

Frederick County Public Schools is offering outdoor Wi-Fi service at 27 school parking lots.

Connections are only available to FCPS students and staff who have valid credentials to access the network. They will log in using the same credentials as they would if they were inside the school.

Governor Hogan's Stay at Home Order identifies "travel to and from an educational institution for purposes of receiving meals or instructional materials for distance learning" as an "essential activity." Families and students must remain in their vehicles to use the the outdoor Wi-Fi access. A social distancing of at least six feet from others, must be maintained at all times.

Schools offering the outdoor Wi-Fi access in their parking lots will post signs when they are printed indicating the areas available. They are:

Brunswick Middle

Catoctin High
Deer Crossing Elementary

Emmitsburg Elementary
Frederick High

Gov. Thomas Johnson High
Green Valley Elementary

Hillcrest Elementary
Lewistown Elementary

Liberty Elementary

Middletown High

Middletown Middle
Myersville Elementary

New Market Middle

New Midway Elementary

Sabillasville Elementary
Spring Ridge Elementary

Tuscarora High
Twin Ridge Elementary

Valley Elementary
Walkersville Elementary

Waverley Elementary
Whittier Elementary

Windsor Knolls Middle
Wolfsville Elementary

Woodsboro Elementary
Yellow Springs Elementary.

Wi-Fi service at school parking lots is subject to change without notice.

Need Help?

  • Child Protective Services (CPS): 301-600-2464
    • To get help for physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect.
  • Crisis Services: Dial 211
    • To get help when you feel really anxious or really depressed and need someone to talk with so that you can stay safe.
  • Maryland Anonymous Tip Line: 1-833-632-7233
    • To report threats or situations that put your safety or others’ safety at risk.
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
    • To get help if you are thinking about suicide.

Technology Support

Mr. Bass, our User Support Specialist is available to answer your technology questions.

Mr. Bass was featured on Monday April 6, 2020 Morning Announcements.

You can reach him by sending an email to: Colin.Bass@fcps.org

Morning Announcements

  • Your child has been invited to morning announcements in Schoology.
  • All students should be able to view them in Schoology.
  • Announcements are published each morning @ 8:45.
  • All submissions need to be sent to: whesmorningannoucements@gmail.com
  • Students can also send submissions through their Schoology account to Mrs. Schwiegerath, each student received a message from me.
  • You may also email them to: amy.schwiegerath@fcps.org

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