Jackie Robinson

By Zack Tilley

How Jackie helped segregation

Jackie Robinson was the first black person to enter the MLB. He was a big advancement in the fight for segregation to be stopped by entering the MLB. He also showed that black people are just as good whites in sports and should be treated equal.

Baseball Career

Jackie was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. He was a shortstop when he was in the MLB and he was also a big hitter. That year Jackie was named rookie of the year. Then in 1949 he was named the National League MVP. Then in 1955 he helped the Brooklyn Dodgers win the World Series.
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Haters got to hate

Jackie Robinson had lots of threats by fans, players on the other teams, other coaches, and of course his teamates. Jackie also had people threaten him at his house. They would throw eggs at his house.

Young life

Jackie Robinson was a stud( great player) in baseball, basketball and football player when he was young. His mother always said stand up for what you belive in. He was the only black person on his block so he only had his 2 brothers and 1 sister to play with. When he went to collage at UCLA and was a stud athlete. He played football,basketball,baseball and track. At the end of his senior year he was named the most athletic black person in america.
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