Fundamental Course of Study Units

for Paraeducators 2022-2023

The Fundamental Course of Study (FCS) is part of the Paraeducator Certificate Program.

These Units satisfy up to 19 hours of the 28-hour requirement for paraeducators. Requirements and state-level funding for this program are subject to change. More information about this requirement can be found at:

Participants should note that a minimum of 7 hours of the 28 must be done in person. These courses (held via synchronous zoom) do not meet the in-person requirement.

School Year 2022-2023 Offerings

Each unit will be offered 1-2 times during the school year via Zoom. Early registration is encouraged. Participants should only register for one of the dates listed for each unit.

FCS 01: Cultural Identity and Diversity (4 hours)

FCS 02: Methods of Educational and Instructional Support (4 hours)

FCS 06: Equity (3 hours)

FCS 07: Behavior Management Strategies (2 hours)

FCS 10: Positive and Safe Learning Environments (3 hours)

FCS 11 & 12: Communication and Communication Challenges (3 hours)

Participation Requirements

  • Participants must be duty-free during the course and not stationed in a room with students.
  • Participants should be adequately spaced in separate rooms to avoid audio interference during the course.
  • All participants must be able to log on to Zoom and need both audio and video capabilities as breakout rooms will be used throughout the sessions.
  • Participants should join on individual devices 1:1. If this is not possible, 2:1 is acceptable. Devices must be a PC, Chromebook, laptop or tablet (no phones).

Any questions or barriers you may have regarding these technical requirements should be directed to Michelle Grove in advance of the course start date so appropriate accommodations can be accounted for.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

For registration questions: Michelle Grove

For content, participation requirements, or other course related questions:

Michelle Grove

Dianna Harrington

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