Kireet's Super Duper Law Firm

If ya need a lawyer just come on by!

Do You Need to Sue Someone?

Just come to the law firm and we will hook you, the plaintiff, up with a great lawyer who will then file an official complaint naming you, the person you are suing aka the defendant, and a description of the law suit.

See You in Court!

The court will send a summons to the defendant, telling them to appear in court on a specific day at a specific time.

Whatcha gonna do about it?

The defendant can then have his/her attorney answer to the complaint. Both sides gather evidence to support their case. They exchange pleadings in response to the accusations.

Pre Trial Discussion

The Judge gathers both parties together to prepare for the trial


Mediation could happen instead where a mediator assists the parties to negotiate a settlement. Arbitration could happen where a third party hears the 2 sides argue and then decides in favor of one party or another.

The Trial

If the 2 sides do not settle then the case goes to trial. A jury of 6-12 people or a lone judge hears the case. Both sides present evidence in support of their side. If the plaintiff has a preponderance amount of evidence then he/she has enough evidence to win the case. If not then the defendant will win the case. After the 2 sides are finished disputing then the jury or judge comes to a verdict and declares whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty. If either side feels like the verdict was unfair then they may appeal to a higher court.