4J Wraparound Updates

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RENT: Lane County Rental Assistance

Online eligibility pre-screening application is available here .

Application process:

1. Applicants will complete the eligibility pre-screening application online at www.lanecounty.org/rent or by calling the Lane County COVID-19 Call Center at 541-682-1380 to complete it via phone (habla español).

2. Lane County Human Services Division will determine presumptive eligibility.

3. If determined presumptively eligible, applications will be forwarded to the access agency requested by the applicant.

4. The access agency (ex. Centro Latino Americano) will follow up with the applicant, provide a full application, process the application, and distribute funds directly to landlords and/or utility companies for households determined to be fully eligible. Note: Access agency can only contact applicant after they have completed the pre-screening.

5. If an applicant is denied via the pre-screening application and wishes to appeal that decision.

General questions about the rent assistance program can be directed to lchshsdrentassist@lanecountyor.gov or to 541-682-3371.

FOOD: USDA Farm to Family Program

4J will be receiving a truck load of fruits & vegetables, milk, eggs, protein (varies each week).

On Wednesday, June 6, we will be at the 5 meal sites: ATA, Howard, Awbrey Park, Holt and South Eugene. PICK UP TIME: 11-12.

If you need more than 20 boxes, please email vasquez@4j.lane.edu at least 24 hours in advance.

This program will continue through June - pick up days and times may vary.

FOOD: Summer Lunch Program - June 12th to Sept 4th

1) TWO WEEK GAP IN JUNE - Serving hot food from the 5 4J Meal Sites for the summer.

2) SUMMER - Food for Lane County will add sites.

*If you picked-up at the 4J Ed Center, contact nutrition to set up an alternate pick-up and/or plan: nutrition@4J.lane.edu

UTILITY: EWEB’s bill assistance opens up again on June 1.

EWEB’s bill assistance opens up again on June 1. In May, they had 600 applications by 9:20 a.m. on May 1 (opened at 9am that same day!)

Information has been posted on the City’s Nuevo Coronavirus page in the Para Inquilinos tab:

Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB)

Atención: las aplicaciones de EWEB para dar soporte al cliente vuelven a abrir el 1 de junio a las 9 a.m. EWEB ofrece $260 anuales para ayudar a pagar las facturas de clientes elegibles. Se recomienda que haga su solicitud lo más pronto posible para que pueda ser considerado para la asignación de fondos que tienen disponibles el primer día de cada mes.

Health Care Flyers

HOUSING - becoming available for households with a veteran in them.

Confidential Household Application for Free & Reduced Price Meals - ENG & SPAN

News Release regarding food assistance for children who were previously receiving free or reduced lunch at school. In partnership with DHS and ODE, families will receive $5.70 per child per day in assistance on an EBT (Oregon Trail) card for March – June. Those who already receive SNAP benefits will receive a supplement automatically on their EBT card. Those who don’t have SNAP will receive an EBT card with the issuance by mail automatically. If a family was not previously receiving Free and Reduced meals at school but has experienced a financial hardship that would make them eligible now, they can apply online or contact their child’s school for assistance.

UNEMPLOYMENT SUPPORT for Spanish Speakers - LEADS can connect with Lise Colgan

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4J Wraparound Request Form

In Step 3 - School Wraparound Leads, School Counselors and Building Administrators can now submit a ticket request for support from the district wraparound team.

The link can be found on the district website. https://www.4j.lane.edu/wraparound-form/


McKinney Vento Eligible Students LACK A RESIDENCE THAT IS:


Example of living situations: shelter, or transitional housing, motel or hotel, sleeping in a vehicle, tent, RV, public space, staying with friends and family due to a hardship...

McKinney Vento Referrals have traditionally come from secretaries and registrars.

NOW: Referrals will come from you and teachers to our McKinney Vento Liaisons.

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FOOD - Monday - Friday, 11a.m to 12 p.m. - UPDATED: April 6, 2020



Monday–Friday, 11 a.m.–12 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)


Churchill Region

  • Arts & Technology Academy, 1650 W. 22nd Ave.
  • Chávez Elementary School, 1510 W. 14th Ave.
  • Kennedy Middle School, 2200 Bailey Hill Rd.
  • McCornack Elementary School, 1968 Brittany St.
  • Acorn Park (12:15–1 p.m.), corner of Buck Street and West 15th Ave.

North Eugene Region

  • Awbrey Park Elementary School, 158 Spring Creek Dr.
  • Howard Elementary School, 700 Howard Ave.
  • North Eugene High School, 200 Silver Lane

Sheldon Region

  • Gilham Elementary School (only MWF, 12–1 p.m.), 3307 Honeywood St.
  • Holt Elementary School, 770 Calvin St.
  • Sheldon High School, 2455 Willakenzie Rd.

South Eugene Region

  • South Eugene High School, 400 E. 19th Ave. (back of building, by the cafeteria)


  • ECCO, 200 N. Monroe St. (behind the district office)
  • Mims House, 330 High St.
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DHS - Oregon Department of Human Services

Terra Ralph (Pronouns: she/her/hers)

Department of Human Services - Community Partnership Coordinator


Terra can assist you with general program information about DHS- Child Welfare or Self Sufficiency Program. Self Sufficiency Program (SSP) includes programs such as SNAP, TANF (cash assistance), Employment Related Daycare (ERDC) and Domestic Violence Emergency Assistance.

The DHS offices are still open M-F 8 a.m.- 5 p.m., however SSP is encouraging people to apply for benefits online. Intakes can be done over the phone and verification can be sent electronically. Online application: https://apps.state.or.us/onlineApplication/

If a parent has a specific question about their case or benefits, you can connect them directly to Terra. Connection can happen by phone, email or Zoom- whichever is easiest. *DHS cannot give confidential information to you without a signed release of information or person’s permission.