Isabella d'este

The First Lady of the Renaissance

Isabella's Background

Isabella was born on May 18th, 1474 born into the ruling family of Ferra, Italy. She was a noble woman. She was known for her intellect and her patronage of famous painters.

Isabella's Achievements

She ruled Mantua, in northern Italy, for three years by herself because her husband was captured by the French. After her husband died she had to take over his job and govern the city by herself. Isabella showed great leadership skills when she became chief of state in Mantua in 1509.

Interesting Facts About Isabella

  • Isabella was painted by Leonardo da Vinci, as seen above, and the painting was called "First Lady of the Renaissance."
  • Isabella enjoyed collecting antiques and paintings, all lot of the paintings were portraits of herself.
  • Isabella married when she was 16 and had 8 children.
  • she kept the army together and kept invaders away during his husbands capture in 1509 all the way until he was released in 1512.