Interview Skills

Charlie Fletcher


Most of the time you can get a job regardless of many flaws if you can interview well. The biggest key is to be confident and prepared. You must know everything on your resume, (you wrote it!!!) you don't have to go deep in to detail with them but be prepared. Next is to show up dressed to impress. Go dressed for the CEO's job and that speaks volumes for your ethic commitment and other great work traits. You need to always have a firm handshake and look the future employer in the eyes. Don't beat around the bush, be nice and you can make a little small talk but be concise and meaningful as you may not have long to sell yourself as that's what you are doing. Most employers will look at a resume for about six seconds or less so you need to but things that are the most important at the top and in bold while the whole thing works best as an easy to read flowing design.
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With these tips and a Masters degree you've got a real good shot at getting the job of your dreams!!!