Happy May!!

April fools!!!!!!!!

Written by, Noa and Will C.

Something for Everyone in Social Studies

This month 4H has been learning about the Southeast and let us tell you we have been having fun with it! We did a really fun projects about the SE and learned a lot. After we all filled our brains up with lots of information we took the test. We learned all our states and capitals for the Southeast. The Southeast was a success!

4H is currently learning about the Midwest. We have just started this unit but it seems fun!

Student Council

Student council has been working on a new project to help our school. Our school pledges to the American flag every morning but some of the flags in our school are ripped, tattered, brown, or simply teeny tiny. Student council has paired up with the American Legin to replace those flags. Student council is learning how to properly discard a American flag, how to properly fold them, and how to put them in our classrooms. We want to thank Mrs. Miller for making all of this possible. We couldn't have done it without her. Student council looks forward to helping our school!


Expo night this year was a huge hit. In 4H we made check lists for our parents so they could find and explore our classroom and all our hard work we did this year in 4th grade. They could see our writing, math, science, social studies, and language arts. We had so much fun!!

Earth Week!

On earth week this year the school had a awesome earth week, there was a challenge on witch class could walk bike or car pole the most, they have not said who the winner is but it will be close. there were other things like wear green, school clean up and raise money for endangered spices of New Jersey.

We like cubes

This month in math we have been learning a whole lot. We learned about capacity, volume, and three dimensional shapes in unit 11. This month we took the unit 11 test. Now we are back on unit 10. We are using transparent mirrors and we are having a blast! we are playing all sorts of math games and having a great time!