Education weekly news

06/17/2013 to 06/21/2013

Roll out of July the 2nd

What are we going to release?
  1. Redesign of the salesforce form to avoid misunderstanding and generation of "bad leads"
  2. A "Country" select in salesforce form to help leads dispatch between teams
  3. New link to Schoolpage Homepage in the Menu Career&Jobs

Focus on a feature: Event vs Group

Lot of members spoils Group with events that promote training in direct competition with the training of the company which owns the Group, e.g. Formation Management


A new feature will enable:
  • only Admin and Expert to post event, when the feature is activated
  • all users: members and Admin and Expert, when the feature is deactivated

This feature can be activated for a specific group if required by Ivan
(don't forget to create a JIRA)

Release date:
Due to collateral effects on the database, this feature will be released on July the 16th to be 100% there is no problem.

Focus on Training emailing

What is it?

A dedicated emailing suggesting trainings/programs to members to acquire or improve their skill-set.

We suggest 3 trainings for 3 skills max.

The first rank can be sold to our clients (University/School/Training Center)

How will we do it?

1. We create a set of combinations between

  • industries
  • position
  • 20 most common skills+level of proficiency

2. We create an inventory of trainings that match the combinations above

3. We create an inventory of members matching the combinations above

4. For each member a caping will be activated to prevent spamming


A dedicated back-office to sell the first position among the training suggested will be provided to the sales-team.


Done: mock-up

In progress:

  • Tech meetings and suggestion meetings this week
  • Wording: meeting to schedule
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Emailings dedicated to Training for July

An emailing campaign is about to be launched to drive in more traffic to Education space for France.

Emailing #1 Global
Audience: all
message: become an expert in your field
target: Trainings

Emailing #2: Promote Education space
audience: HR and training manager
message: Improve the skill-set of your collaborators
target: Education homepage

Emailing #3: Management
audience: Member with Manage people activated in professional experience
message: improve your management skills
target: trainings in "Management"

Emailing #4: High tech
audience: Experience with position "High tech"
Message: still missing :'(
target: Trainings in "High-tech"

Future products

Goal: improve visibility of trainings with the following ideas:
  1. Suggest trainings in the dashboard
  2. Suggest Trainings of the week at the top of the Education Homepage
  3. Display Trainings in job adverts
  4. Video in Trainings